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Maria Teresa Villarreal

Entrepreneur, innovator and successful instructor in the beauty industry field. 

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Entrepreneur, innovator and successful instructor in the beauty industry field. With a long trajectory and pioneer  on promoting study and work opportunities for the latin community, that now can have their share on the beauty industry. Founder and chief 
officer of a number of education systems for the industry, all with high standards.

“Struggles of life are not problems, but opportunities to learn, overcome and live a life full of rich experiences “

She started back in 1993 as a small business owner, opening her first beauty company in the City of Downey, and as soon as 1994 she started the first latin stylists association in California.  
Invited by the Department of Industrial Relations of California, she leads the first ever Spanish language Apprenticeship non-profit program in the State, making the City of Downey a hub for learners that come from 11 counties. These learners travel to the City of Downey to have their professional education. In those counties the knowledge spreads from Downey. Many Beauty Salons and Barbershops work in the counties; In turn, those beauty establishments provide work to countless Apprentices that continue their successful career path after graduation, and bring progress to their families. All programs operate in Downey and are approved by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology and the Department of Industrial Relations, partnering with the Local Education Agency Hacienda La Puente Adult Education. .  
And she didn’t stop there. Through both non-profit and the traditional School she directs (Cosmetica Beauty and Barbering Academy) and teaming with the Mexican education authorities, she made the double-certification program a reality.  This program allow a graduated apprentice to have their license valid and endorsed to work in both countries, expanding the advantages of their profession beyond borders.   
A number of institutions, like the Mexican Conocer System and others, participated in this achievement that bring economical freedom to the students and apprentices.  

Currently, and in a tireless fashion, Maria Teresa has active participation in the Comité Mexicano Cívico Patriótico directive board, that among other activities, is responsible of the Mexico civic ceremonies in our cities, and the biggest independence celebration parade in all of the United States, thanks to the efforts of all participants. 
She is the founder and chief officer of a number of education systems for the industry, all with high standards: 
-   Cosmetica Cosmetology and Barbering Apprenticeship Unilateral Committee  
-   Southern  California  Cosmetology  and  Barbering  Employers  Association.  Both  are  registered  non  profit organizations that offer the opportunity to earn a salary and study while working in a beauty salon or barber shop. Both organizations are authorized by the state to operate in a number of counties of northern and southern California. Cosmetica was the first Spanish language program approved by the Department of Industrial Relations and by the California Department of Education. This adds to the fact that in 2016 the state congress pass the bill SB-1159, that allows work and earn a salary to all beauty industry apprentices by only having an ITIN tax number and has proven fundamental in the success of many professionals that now can obtain their license thanks to this law.  
-   Cosmetica Beauty and Barbering Academy, traditional school that forms the best professionals, and offers programs in Cosmetology, Barbering, Esthetician and Manicuring, in addition of the Master Trainer certification program.  
-   Cosmetica Latina Edu. Advanced Education, that offers improved skills programs for deeper education on a number of related branches, extending the trainees knowledge in professional, administrative and personal areas. 
With the Employers Association she hopes to go beyond the central beauty training, and provide information and courses on themes that are peripheral but important to the businesses,  business owners and individual  success of the members.  We can mention a number of themes like Information Technology, Administration, Accounting, Human Resources, among others.   
Maria Teresa has a number of academic qualifications, among them, 
•  2009 Teacher's Professional & Continuing Education University of San Diego  
•  2004 Professional Clear Designated Subjects Vocational Teacher Credential Issued by the State of California  
•  2000 Level II Cosmetology Teacher Credentialing University of San Diego  
•  2000 Health Education for Teachers Diploma University of San Diego  
•  1999 Level I Cosmetology, California Commission Teacher Credentialing University of San Diego  
•  1992 Cosmetologist License Issued by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology 
And, with a long professional career we could mention many more achievements and accomplished objectives, each and every one of them made with a notorious  passion for education in the beauty industry.


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